Art Direction, Brand, and Print Design

Resound is a branding and experience design agency in Tempe, Arizona – specializing in honest identities, engaging online/real-life experiences, and strategic campaigns for medium-to-large businesses. As the Art Director, my focus was to not just create compelling design for clients, but to also realign Resound's branding to clarify an authentic company message to reach long-term goals:

  • Reposition Resound within the agency landscape by aligning and sharing matured values, voice, and visuals
  • Acquire larger clients in new service industries, as well as higher-level talent to scale the team
  • Amplify brand messaging among clients and fans with engaging visuals to bring in new business

Building an 'Authentic Identity'

The New Logo…

  • Is fresher, well-crafted, and balanced instead of focused on overt sound wave imagery. (It still contains a nod to that metaphor)
  • Dropped “Creative” and is streamlined to compete with similar agencies, who don’t qualify themselves.
  • Is authentic. The old logo was an off-the-shelf typeface which is fine for many brands, but not for a creative agency. The new logo was custom hand-lettered under my art direction.
I vetted and directed external collaborators for logotype lettering (Wells Collins) and video/sound design (David Hildreth).

Brand Implementation

I designed a custom brand guide – the final product of the brand overhaul.

  • New logotype and monograms
  • Brighter, approachable, and more expansive color palette
  • Improved typographic styling and supporting typefaces
  • Custom-painted textures and a stylized icon set
  • Revamped conceptual brand metaphor to realign the voice of Resound's messaging
Image: Resound.  Reviewing custom textures with local artist Kelsey Jones.

Image: Resound. Reviewing custom textures with local artist Kelsey Jones.

Image: Resound /   Alex Leiphart.   Shooting textures for asset repository.

Image: Resound / Alex Leiphart. Shooting textures for asset repository.

The "Resoundism" Project

Resound's culture is supported by "Resoundisms" – mottos that represent company values, brand personality traits, and the candid (sometimes philosophical) voice of the brand. Launching the Resoundism Project, I art directed Wells Collins on 12 lettering pieces. In a matter of weeks, Resound gained new beautiful assets for internal projects, the forthcoming website redesign, social media, and promotional items.

I conceptualized and art directed a limited edition calendar set given to clients, contractors, and friends. Each month features one of the team's inspiring "Resoundisms".

Holiday 2017 Promotion

I conceptualized and art directed a swag bag promotion for the Method + Madness 2016 conference. Ideas include "Break up with your summer camp girlfriend" and "Start the world's smallest bonfire".

"10 Ways to Use These Postcards" Promotion

Share your brand's compelling message.