Hi, I'm Stephanie.

A Designer & Art Director


Inform, rally, compel. Design can make real change when we listen to the customer

People want to be treated like people, and design problems should be approached with the human experience in mind – along with data. I'm a designer and art director with 10 years of experience shaping brands, digital experiences, and teams. Currently, I lead design at Keap and rally marketers to create work that helps small businesses succeed. Previously, I designed experiences and shaped internal brand at Tallwave. Before that I served as the Art Director at Resound, the Art Director at Frontiers, and the Senior User Experience Designer at meltmedia.


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Would we make a good team? Consider 3 things:


I will explore your business goals and how to reach them.

What are you trying to accomplish? I'll research the landscape and constraints, and then offer you my best laid solution. A successful goal is a measurable goal (even fuzzy feelings can be measured).

I'm not afraid to argue (in a good way, of course).

I'm always looking out for the best interests of my clients and achieving those goals we talked about. If I don't agree with you it's because I want you to succeed.

I balance grand visions with practical realities.

Working with a partner (or leading a team) is a bit of a dance. Keeping the doers from crushing the dreamers is one part. Encouraging the dreamers to anticipate roadblocks is another.

Credit:  Nicola Harger  at Brand New Conference 2016

Credit: Nicola Harger at Brand New Conference 2016

Want to know more?

  • I've participated in Women in UX at Twitter because I'm passionate about the advancement of women in technology and design. 
  • I'm great at talking to strangers. Seriously, I even gave a talk on it at Ignite Phoenix: The Art of Talking to Strangers. I've also spoken at Adobe's Creative Jam.
  • Side projects keep my mind fresh (my most recent was Coffee Bureau which I put together with my coffee roasting husband).
  • I'm located in Tempe, Arizona: the greatest town in America – except maybe Pawnee, Indiana.

Just want to chat? Inquiries for coffees and cocktails welcome.