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How a brand is experienced is just as important as how it looks.

Your business or product is judged by how your customers think and feel. People want to be treated like people, and design problems should be approached with the human experience in mind—along with data. Currently I'm the Art Director for Resound, where I lead design, shape brands, and help clients connect deeper with their audiences. Previously I was the Art Director for Frontiers, a humanitarian non-profit; before that I was the Senior User Experience Designer at meltmedia, where I collaborated on websites and mobile apps.


How did this all start?

One time I made a truly ugly jewelry box for my mother. I sat in my high school art class thinking about how much of a disaster this latest ceramic project was. At that moment I realized that even though I loved to make things, I didn't want to be an artist. Then, I found out my school offered an 'advertising art' class (I know, very Mad Men sounding) and my eyes were opened to a profession in which my imagination could solve problems. I went on to study at the College of Design at Arizona State University, content to spend my waking hours (and some of my 'I really should be sleeping' hours) in the studio. In 2009, after four years of intense Bauhaus-inspired training, I received a B.S. in Visual Communication Design.


Extroverted, intuitive, and opinionated (in a good way).

Supporting design community events, attending Creative Mornings, and being a member of the Arizona AIGA are just a few of the ways I stay involved. I'm also passionate about the advancement of women in tech/design and have spoken on the topic as well as participated in Women in UX at Twitter. I've also spoken at Ignite Phoenix on The Art of Talking to Strangers. Side projects keep my mind fresh (I'm currently working on Coffee Bureau which I put together with my coffee roasting husband).



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