Shamrock Farms

Art Direction and Web Design

Shamrock Farms is one of the largest family-owned and -operated dairies in the United States, based in my home state of Arizona. While Art Director at Resound, Shamrock Farms approached us for a redesign of to herald their brand refresh, be fully responsive, create engaging customer experiences, and be easier to customize for the Shamrock team. From planning to launch to post-launch QA, I worked closely alongside Shamrock employees, developers, and various agencies of record to achieve goals for many stakeholders. Their main target audience, moms and caregivers (age 24–45), weren't engaged with the current experience. It was dated, plagued with bugs, and didn't highlight the things that mattered to them: coupons, recipes, and info on the health benefits of milk.  In an age of alternative milk options, Shamrock needed to start delighting their customers.

The new gives content more space and reflects the brand's personality with Roxie's sassy messaging, people-focused imagery, and thoughtful navigation that guides visitors to helpful content.
Before:  Shamrock Farms' website was dated, difficult to navigate, and had many functional issues.

Before: Shamrock Farms' website was dated, difficult to navigate, and had many functional issues.

The New Website…

  • Is fully responsive. Redesigned with smaller screens in mind, it provides a recognizable experience for visitors regardless of device.
  • Reflects the brand refresh and engages target audiences. The company's new campaigns, messaging, and styling shine through.
  • Makes the products the hero. Featured callouts for promotions and coupons were updated, and larger nice photos of Shamrock recipes are used prominently – increasing user engagement and social shares.
  • Guides users. Visitors are given a thoughtful path through content and easier-to-find Newsletter Signups and Product Locators.
  • Leaves customers delighted instead of frustrated. Functional issues, user flow, and styling inconsistencies were repaired site-wide.

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