Art Direction, Web Design, Email Marketing, Video, and Print

GodOfAll.org is a campaign that raised $860,000+ for Frontiers USA – a nonprofit that has trained, sent, and cared for field workers for 30+ years so that Muslim communities all over the world can benefit from humanitarian relief. Some workers teach technology classes in Africa, others run a donor-funded hospital in the Middle East, and even more bring relief to Syrian refugees. They do incredible work in some of the harshest regions of the globe. This website is not only part of a fundraising campaign, but plays a significant role in a larger plan to shift Frontiers' brand from stale and static to empowering, provocative, and adventurous.

Everyone Loves a Great Story.

We used authentic stories to connect current and potential donors to the realities of field life. We interviewed actual field workers, donors, and pastors to share the incredible things they saw on the field, why they went, and the reasons they support missions.


Providing a Seamless Responsive Experience

A majority of Frontiers' donors, visit on small-screen devices like tablets and phones. Redesigned with these experiences in mind, the site provides a recognizable experience regardless of device.


Getting from "Open-Click" to "Donate"

I conceptualized the email campaign to prominently feature story excerpts from real field workers, pastors, and citizens affected by Frontiers USA workers. We found that donors engaged most with individual stories than declarations of statistics, and this approach successfully drove traffic from the Frontiers USA email list to the website.

We Told a Story to Find Storytellers

There are some people who know – who feel deep in their bones – that they should pack up everything they can carry and embark on a journey across the world to help those in need. But why? What makes them leave the comforts of home to live with people they've never met, in a country that doesn't feel like home? My team created a series of videos that tell the story of one man returning from his service abroad. The gifts he gives his group of friends force them to think about God's greater plan for every person in the world and how they should tell His story. These videos were used for self-promotional purposes on GodOfAll.org and given as resources for churches.

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