Ye Olde Guide For Capturing Santa Claus

Art Direction, Illustration, Web, and Print Design

Every year, Resound sends out a holiday promotion. 2015 was special; the agency had grown and added several members to the team. Everyone wanted to get a little more creative than the usual 'awkward family photo,' and give clients something that would show off the agency's new creative culture – as well as each employee's individual personality. Ye Olde Guide For Capturing Santa Claus was born. As Art Director, I owned this project from start to finish by gathering everyone's ideas for catching santa, illustrating the guidebook, and designing the promo piece and landing page.

Every team member came up with a unique way to catch jolly old Saint Nick, complete with price/complexity ratings, instructions, hand drawn diagrams, and a holiday fact (so clients could get to know the team better).
We built a simple landing page to share our guide. Who needs more than a download link for something this awesome?

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