On Legacy and Reputation

I'd rather have a legacy than a reputation.

To build a reputation, you carve your name into a tree.

Someone might see it and ask, "who is that?"

To build a legacy, you sweat.

You till the soil and plant the seed, then water it and water it again. You protect the sprouting life from frost and disease and a dozen other things that could go wrong. You shore up the stems and point it toward the light and water it some more. You prune its branches and taste its fruit (which of course you share with your friends). You plant more trees and before you know it you have an entire orchard – filled with laboring hands and brimming baskets.

With a reputation, you generally reap the benefits today. You get that gig. You count those likes. You run with the cool kids.

With a legacy, you generally work hard today. You share the spoils. You humble yourself. You connect good people.